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Shannon Haliko, MD

Visionary, Healer, Catalyst

With over 10 years experience in medical practice, I have realized the benefits of a holistic and inclusive approach to health and vitality.  I combine my experience as a physician specialized in Internal, Critical Care and Palliative Care Medicine with the emerging knowledge of body-mind-spirit connections and the ancient sciences of yoga, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.  My tools in this offering include professional clinical and research acumen, microbiome testing, personal experiences and intuition.  

One of my greatest joys is to digest complex topics and share timely and transformative advice with others.  I have created Healthy with Haliko to provide information and support for individuals ready to revolutionize their digestive health from surviving to thriving.  


My heart fills with the hope that this sharing will elevate your health and experience of life.

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