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  • What is the Healthy with Haliko process?
    I work with adults who value vibrant health as the foundation of life, yet struggle with digestive symptoms and syndromes. They desire to find compassionate, trusted support for healing. As a result of our work together, they realize that their improving digestion is connected to elevated energy, emotions, and cognition and as a result are able to move their dreams into reality.
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    You live in the state of California You take time to reflect on your life and actions You realize that health is the foundation for life You are willing to try unconventional or challenging things if they are supported by evidence You value humanity, relationships, community, spirituality You like food, cooking and sharing meals You are authentic, brave, honest, flexible and optimistic You have experienced times of stress and overwhelm times of difficulty digesting your emotions food sensitivities, poor mental clarity, inadequate sleep quality, no energy, and low mood or motivation overwhelm from health information lapses in discipline to apply changes to your health You want trusted support to help you shift your health and acknowledge your efforts to enjoy food without discomfort or worry to better understand your symptoms and reactions personalized information with a plan
  • What are the results I can expect?
    The latest treatment options supported by science and established medical knowledge Identification of root causes blocking progress to your highest health A clear plan to improve your health over the next six months An opportunity to learn more about your health. (for example: the latest microbiome research, how emotions affect the body, and how food is medicine) Information delivered in manageable pieces, avoiding overwhelm And of course, better digestion!
  • How are you different from other doctors/health practioners?
    Most physicians trained in Western medicine were not taught how to create therapeutic alliances with their patients. They were taught to make accurate diagnoses and to deliver the correct treatment. This approach works for some things, but often for chronic illnesses or lifestyle changes it really falls short of supporting the patient in making the necessary change. I love connecting with my patients. And through our connection, we can better understand the root cause of your issues and activate your strengths to achieve your best digestive health. And because we both know that your digestive health is the foundation to the rest of your life, we will examine how your emotions, mental processes, and spiritual practices contribute to that health. We will discuss all of this confidentially, and I will support you without judgement. A key part of the Healthy with Haliko process is exploration, which the Western medical approach does not include. During our connection, you will see that you need to explore a new perspective. Using the best research and medical knowledge, together we will explore how others have approached situations just like yours. We will assess how their methods could relate to your needs and explore how to apply and implement them for your highest outcome. Together, we make connections in areas you have not considered. Together, we elevate your strengths to try new perspectives. Next we create your plan of action. And we don’t stop there. We will adapt this new information just for you, and continue adapting as needed throughout our time together. (Western medicine rarely personalizes a medical treatment to your unique needs.) As you move forward you will have concerns and questions which will be welcomed and answered in a timely fashion. This feedback and plan adjustment will refine the energy needed to bring forward your highest health. In Western medicine, there is often a significant delay before you can speak with your doctor or adjust your treatment plan. With the Healthy with Haliko process, you get the guidance you need to keep your energy and motivation moving forward. With this support, you can achieve transformation!
  • How do I know you will be a good fit for me?
    You are here because: You have tried to improve your health through many different avenues but have been overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of methods and instructions available. You recognize that your health is the foundation of life and affects your mental, emotional and spiritual success. You have a strong desire to align your inner and outer vision to create energetic congruence and you need a skilled mentor to provide you with divine guidance and practical steps to bring your vision into reality.
  • Ok, what options do you offer?
    I would love to work directly with you in one of my packages. (Complete assessment or Second Opinion) We can also stay in touch through my monthly newsletters and upcoming events and podcast series. And if you aren’t sure what is the best option for you, I invite you to a free call with me where we explore the right path for your digestion and health.
  • What are the benefits of working with Healthy with Haliko?
    Increased energy Improved sleep Improved mental clarity Greater confidence in achieving highest health Ripple effects such as higher confidence to take on the goals and dreams that have been waiting on the sidelines
  • Can this really work for me?
    When I walked myself through this process, I took my life from struggle to thriving. I had poor digestion after every meal and even began to have worry in anticipation of meals. My energy was totally depleted and my motivation zapped. I had so many dreams on hold because when I tried to move forward either my energy or digestion held me back. After moving through the process for a year, I look forward to all my delicious meals and confidently know what I can order at a restaurant. I have abundant energy and mental clarity that has allowed me to move from employee to entrepreneur, pursue meditation and permaculture certification, and start online dating! When I look back, I am amazed at my own transformation. If I can do it, you can too!
  • How much does testing cost?
    Testing costs vary per patient. Below is a list of the most common tests and their current prices as of March 2021. Useful tests with variable prices: HPA axis, CRP, celiac serum studies, HLA typing
  • Do you take insurance?
    I am not able to take insurance at this time. I can provide you with a superbill of our visit which may help you request reimbursement from your insurance company. Due to regulations, I am not able to accept any Medicare patients at this time.
  • What kinds of payment do you accept?
    Payments are accepted by credit card and paypal at this time.
  • Will my health insurance cover testing?
    It is possible that your insurance company will cover some or all of your testing. Some testing vendors can bill your insurance company directly. It will be your responsibility to pursue this avenue after I have ordered the test. Some companies provide a discounted price for physicians, when this is the case, I pass on those savings to you.
  • How do I schedule my consultation with you?
    After your payment is processed (24-48h), you will be sent a confirmation email which includes a link to schedule your consultation.
  • What if I am not satisfied with my service?
    We strive to offer targeted and acheivable results uniquely tailored to each patient. If you find at the end of our time together that you are completely unsatisfied with the support you have received, you may request a patial or full refund.
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